Really Weird...
Slightly Weirdsville

1980 Fuck Off Reckords FO 005



Really Weird Slightly Weirdsville
Fuck Off
FO 005

Side 1 Really Weird

The Astronauts - That's Where I'll Be
The Astronauts - The Night
                     (Baby Sings Folk Songs Part 3)
The Astronauts - Midsummer Lullaby
Danny & The Dressmakers - Song Chocolate
Zounds - I Made It Happen
Zounds - Holland Park
Bob Green - The Last Great Rolling Stones
                                          Lick In The Sky
Daevid Allen & Friends - Zero

Side 2 Slightly Weirdsville

The Mob - Crying Again
The Mob - Frustration
The Mob - Never Really Cared
The Mob - Youth
Cardiac Arrest - A Bus For A Bus On The Bus
Horrible Nerds - Pope Paul Is Dead
Androids Of Mu - Every Time I Hear The Spirit
Androids Of Mu - Pretty Nun
Androids Of Mu - Ride Me, Easy Rider
Blank Space - You Can Try
Blank Space - Rest On Still Water
Danny & The Dressmakers -
             Edward Exposes Her Mammary Glands
Danny & The Dressmakers -
                             TV Overdose On The Dole

Released late 1979 at the earliest, from the artwork notes, it post-dates:
the Cardiac Arrest single - recorded late July 1979
the Restricted Hours EP - recorded 20th August 1979
the Horrible Nurds track recorded at Leeds is probably from the September 1st gig (as recordings from that gig also made it on to the Here And Now Off The Cuff tape
Blank Space at Queen Elizabeth College was probably 24th November 1979
I'd put this release at an unlikely December 1979 or much more likely early 1980.
Conjecture over for now.

All copies that I've heard have the same slight tape mangle sound at the start of side one which messes up The Astronauts' first track - a shame because their 3 tracks are superb.

Download an mp3 copy from Die Or Diy here