Some nurdish facts, best I know them...

Formed in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire during 1978.
Named from a comment Kif Kif had apparently made while watching a band at Deeply Vale in 1978.
Also performed as: Nik-o-teen and the Non-Filters; The Universal Invaders of Funk; Half Wombat

In 1976 drummer Stephen Parkin started a band called Monolith with Tiff (vocals), Chris (bass) Dick (guitar), playing covers of bands like Status Quo and Creedence Clearwater Revival and playing village halls in and around Gainsborough. The band morphed into the Glyppies with Nick replacing Dick. As the Glyppies they played a solitary gig at Beckingham Village Hall in 1977.

The Horrible Nurds were initially Stephen Parkin, his brother Roo, Graham and Benny; they played their first concert in their back lawn and then played a benefit for the Labour Party at a local Christian Youth Centre. Starting off with acoustic instruments playing folky stuff 'in a punky and aggressive fashion', they moved to electric and got a tad more serious.

The Parkin brothers went to Colchester to see Here And Now in the winter of 1978. They handed out Horrible Nurds leaflets to audience members and to Here And Now. A few months later they spotted themselves listed as support to Here And Now. Kif Kif adding to his collection of local bands that were often invited as support for the free gigs that Here And Now put on around the country.

The Horrible Nurds supported Here And Now at Leeds and Nottingham in May 1979 and the same places in September of that year. A couple of tapes, visits to Street Level, a single, gigs in Gainsborough and some in London, band member changes, a falling out at the 1980 Lincoln Arboretum festival and The Horrible Nurds called it a day.

Band members:

Stephen 'Budgie' Parkin - Drums
Andrew 'Roo' Parkin - Bass, Vocals
Alan 'Benny' Benson - Guitar, Vocals
Graham/Graeme - Vocals
Paul Brittain - Synth, Electric Piano
Tiff - Vocals, Guitar
Sue Hogg - Vocals
Lorraine Hogg - Vocals

1979 Cass Half Wombat WOMBAT 001 Waiting For The Night
1979 Cass Nurds 1 Waiting For The Night
1979 Cass Weird Noise W. 000 Compilation Weird Sampler
1980 Cass Fuck Off FO 005 Compilation Really Weird
1980 7" Half Wombat WOMBAT 002 Consuming Passion
1980 7" Half Wombat WOMBAT 002 Personal Relationships
Cass Serious Fun SERF 004 Pub Pianist Gets In On The Act


Waiting For The Night
Half Wombat Records

Side 1
Virgin Records
Another Person Dying
Room With Two Doors
Are We Dead
Waiting For The Night
Side 2
Wendy Says
Art School Chic*
Common Or Garden Love Song*
I Don't Want To Go
Just Going Round In Circles Again


All songs written by The Nurds, except * written by The Nurds/Steve Byrne
Live songs recorded at Sandpiper's, Nottingham 2nd September 1979 by Annie Mandrake.
Mix by Grant.
Artwork by Chris Goddard

Waiting For The Night

Nurds 1

Side 1
Room With Two Doors
Guns And Bombs
Hot Lights
Higher Alternative
I Don't Wanna Go
Personal Ambitions
Side 2
(Let's All Sign To) Virgin Records
We Don't Care
Flowers In The Dark
Ernie Bishop's Dead Body > The End

Ernie Bishop's Dead Body is a Danny & The Dressmakers cover.

Weird Sampler
Weird Noise
W. 000 / WEIRD 000

Side 1

An Unknown Girl - Opium For The People
The 012 - Fish From Tahiti
Danny & The Dressmakers - Dynamite
Danny & The Dressmakers -
                     Lennon's Supermarket Tango
The Living Dead No 5 - Inspiration Perspiration
Horrible Nurds - Let's All Sign To Virgin Records
Anthrax For The People -
    Exerpts From 'The Grand Union Canal Mystery'
Blankspace - Little Green Pills
Alternative TV - Release The Natives
Unknown Band - Mystery Reggae

Side 2

Unknown Band - Mystery Reggae (Cont.)
The Good Missionaries -
           The Good Missionary Goes For A Piss
Danny & The Dressmakers - Kif Kif's Magic Hat
Danny & The Dressmakers -
                     Roundaboutdinnertime (Excerpt)
Danny & The Dressmakers - Welcome 2 Tape 3
The Sell-Outs - Money
The Hearing Aids - Random 5 Minute Excerpt
Instant Automatons - Tape Excerpt
The Door & The Window - Wurst Band
Danny & The Dressmakers -
               God Puts A Stop To The Silver
                     Paper Eating 3 Legged Monster
Danny & The Dressmakers -
               Hey Ho My Cholesterol Level Is Low
Danny & The Dressmakers -
               The Truth About Unemployment
Androids Of Mu - Fast Car

Full tape detail here

Really Weird
Fuck Off
FO 005

Side 1 Really Weird

The Astronauts - That's Where I'll Be
The Astronauts - The Night
                     (Baby Sings Folk Songs Part 3)
The Astronauts - Midsummer Lullaby
Danny & The Dressmakers - Song Chocolate
Zounds - I Made It Happen
Zounds - Holland Park
Bob Green - The Last Great Rolling Stones
                                          Lick In The Sky
Daevid Allen & Friends - Zero

Side 2 Slightly Weirdsville

The Mob - Crying Again
The Mob - Frustration
The Mob - Never Really Cared
The Mob - Youth
Cardiac Arrest - A Bus For A Bus On The Bus
Horrible Nerds - Pope Paul Is Dead
Androids Of Mu - Every Time I Hear The Spirit
Androids Of Mu - Pretty Nun
Androids Of Mu - Ride Me, Easy Rider
Blank Space - You Can Try
Blank Space - Rest On Still Water
Danny & The Dressmakers -
             Edward Exposes Her Mammary Glands
Danny & The Dressmakers -
                             TV Overdose On The Dole

Pope Paul Is Dead recorded live in Leeds

Consuming Passion
Half Wombat

Side 1
Consuming Passion
Side 2
Personal Relationships

500 issued in 'proper' sleeve.

All instruments & vocals -
Alan F. Benson
Andrew Parkin
Paul P. Brittain
Steven T. Parkin
Sue Hogg
Lorraine Hogg

Produced by: Grant Showbiz / The Horrible Nurds
Songs by: The Horrible Nurds
Art works by: Chris Goddard
Teaboy: Kif Kif

Recorded at Street Level Studios March 1980

Thanks to: R.J., Sam, D.P., Tiffy, M.P., Jim, Graham, Steve, J.B., Grant, Kif Kif, Chrissy & the Back Bar.

Crashing into the Johan Kugelberg top 100 Messthetics releases at No. 97.

Personal Relationships
Half Wombat

Side 1
Personal Relationships
Side 2
Consuming Passion
Dance And Think

Same single ? Not sure if 'Dance And Think' exists. 500 issued in 'home-made' sleeve

Words & Music written by The Horrible Nurds

Alan Benson - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Brittain - Synthesizer, E. Piano
Lorraine Hogg - Backing Vocals
Suzanne Hogg - Backing Vocals
Andrew Parkin - Bass, Backing Vocals
Stephen Parkin - Drums

Produced by Grant Showbiz at Street Level Studios.
Teaboy: Kif Kif

Revised sleeve design concept: Paul Brittain / Better Badges

Thanks to: Tiff, Sue, Paul, Benny, Steve, Graham, JB, Lynne, Kif-Kif, Chris, Marie & Dennis, Jim & Josie

Copyright: The Horrible Nurds 1980

Pub Pianist Gets In On The Act

Serious Fun
SERF 004

Side 1

Side 2

Hmmm... this might be a renamed version of the first Half Wombat tape. It might be something completely different. No idea. I wait for facts.

Known gigs outside Gainsborough
1979 May-03 Leeds Fforde Green Hotel Here And Now, Cardiac Arrest
1979 May-05 Nottingham University Of Nottingham Here And Now
1979 Sep-01 Leeds Fforde Green Hotel Here And Now
1979 Sep-02 Nottingham Sandpiper's Here And Now
1980 xxx-xx London The Elgin, Ladbroke Grove Splodgenessabounds
1980 xxx-xx Lincoln 'Arbo' Festival, Lincoln Arboretum Total Strangers

The first four tracks from Waiting For The Night available here.