Real Insects were an all female band and hailed from the Latimer Road / Frestonia area. There's very little information available and I can find no evidence of them playing a gig. It's possible they were formed solely in order to contribute to the Making Waves LP organised by Corrina of Street Level.
I know little else.

Drusilla Verney (Kraskaya) - Vocals, Bass
Sarah Maffett - Guitar, Vocals
Jane Hart - Guitar
Ruth Novaczek - Drums

Prior to this Sarah Maffett sang with a band called One Hand Clapping and later played in Merry Zap Zap with Joy Mobbs and Nick Godwin. If you want to know what one hand clapping sounds like you'll need to get the single. Merry Zap Zap appeared at many of the Idiot Ballroom events.

Ruth Novaczek, aka Kate(?), played later with Abandon Your Tutu and at times with Cast Iron Fairies. A brief search indicates she then went on to St. Martins and became a film-maker.

Drusilla (or Druesilla / Drucilla ? etc) is an artist, part of the West London Squat Art 'movement'.

1981 LP Girlfriend LP 001 Compilation Making Waves
1981 Cass Fuck Off FO 007 Compilation Music For Pressure

Making Waves
Girlfriend Records

Side 1

The Gymslips - Midnight City
The Mistakes - Romance
Androids Of Mu - Bored Housewives
The Guest Stars - Sometimes The Blues Is Right
Real Insects - In The Ruins Of Your Body
Rock Goddess - Make My Night

Side 2

The Belles - You Told Me A Lie
Amy And The Angels - I Hate Being In Love
Ministry Of Marriage - Twin
Tango Twins - Life Support
Nancy Boys - So Easy
Sisterhood Of Spit - Hold Tight

This all-female LP project was the idea of Corrina, in situ Street Level recording engineer and member of Androids Of Mu.

Full tape detail here - both versions

Music For Pressure
Fuck Off
FO 007

Side 1

Dick Heley - Aladdin's Lamp Road
Here And Now - Round & Round
Axolotl - Everybody Get Some But Me
Real Insects - Warrior Queen
Real Imitators - Make Up Your Mind
José Gross - Don't Hang On To Your Shadows
The 012 - Use It Up & Wear It Out
Blue Midnight - The Riff
Androids Of Mu - Seven Cities
The Entire Cosmos - Vampire Feast
Ultimate Parrots - Mutated Alarmist

Side 2

Zounds - I Just Wanna Be Loved
The Astronauts - Fatique
Vince Pie & The Crumbs - Jet Set
The Voletones - Luxury Living
The Mob - Shuffling Souls
Steffy Sharpstrings - Violent Maze
The Instant Automatons - Emma
Black Magic ? - Do The Possesed
Evron & Adrian - Dubdub Dub
The Murphy Federation - Smile
Colin Potter - Musik For Sheds
Unknown Artist - Untitled

I only have Version 2 of this tape and it's unclear whether Real Insects are on it or not. However there's a track on it that might be called In The Garden that might be by them! It's absolutely wonderful and it's a shame there's not more.

Known gigs

In The Ruins Of Your Body on Youtube.